Friday, September 03, 2010

Quicken Online Is Permanently Offline

Well, following on the heels of the June 2010 unscheduled downtime that left Intuit customers using their Quicken Online solution unable to pay vendors, accept payments from clients nor even pay their staff wages, Intuit has shown how much they really care about their customers by taking the Quicken Online service down and deleting all their customer's data.

Sure, there was a notice sent out about this, just before it was taken offline, offering people the ability to backup their data by downloading a CSV which isn't then able to be uploaded to, Intuits replacement for Quicken Online.  Of course, Intuit couldn't even work out how to migrate their customers' data from Quicken Online to

At least if you had been running Quickbooks locally and the computer failed, you could restore your data to another system and keep working.  However, by using Quicken Online, you've placed your hope and dreams entirely under someone else's control and in this case, these have been shat all over.

I wonder how many more cloud service vendors will be doing this in the future, or will they instead learn from the stupid mistakes that Intuit are making and do a better job with their own customers?


The Outspoken Wookie

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