Friday, September 24, 2010

Commonwealth Games Conditions

The saddest thing to me is not that pictures like these are finally being seen by the public and the athletes, causing concern for the health and welfare of the athlests, their support staff and the spectators of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, but that construction skills and building standards are this appallingly low in India that despite the numerous public declarations by Indian officials that all is going as planned and that there will be no issues for the teams and their supporters, these Indian officials feel that this level of habitability is acceptable.

It shows the chasm that exists between the First and Third Worlds rather clearly.  What really needs to happen is that India needs to accept that they are in dire need of help in bringing acceptable building, health and living standards to their population.

Hopefully, the slums that were razed to make those attending the Commonwealth Games not be able to easily see the squalor don't result in people thinking that India doesn't have any slums anymore.

Hopefully the photos like those referenced here will help to reinforce to the rest of the world that we need to encourage and help India to raise its standards and help its population.


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