Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"We're All In" Goes Out

According to Reuters (and quite a number of BPOS users) Microsoft's BPOS service in North America was offline for over 2 hours.  That's no Exchange (email) access, SharePoint access nor acess to LiveMeeting nor other services for those people who are relying on Microsoft to provide access to their hosted BPOS portal.

Now, as I keep saying, I can understand hosted solutions (now called "Cloud") as we've been offering some of these to our clients for the best part of a decade now, however until these service providers *and* your Internet connection is *reliable*, then betting on something that you have next to no control over, well...

The Cloud won't be going away and it *will* be playing a bigger part in the lives of many of our clients.  We all, especially those SMB IT Professionals looking at moving vast numbers of clients to the Cloud, need to take a serious look at what's currently available as well as what may be available in the future.  Things like the AU$43b NBN will *help* with the Cloud as it will (should) improve Internet access for (almost) all Australians - the Libs and their "let's pay the current ISPs another AU$6b and ask them to try and maybe look at possibly improving Internet access speeds and relibaility if they really want to" plan sure won't help us at all.  We then need to *encourage* our elected representatives to take Australia's telecommunications seriously and we need to ensure that we're doing the right thing by our clients - if the Cloud is the best solution, great - but we need to be aware of the access issues that we have next to no control over.


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