Friday, August 13, 2010

The Vatican Redefines Filthiness

As I've posted in here before, the Roman Catholic church seemd to be redefining many things - from acceptable behavior of their representatives (especially priests) to how we should treat these filthy criminals that are put in positions of power and then abuse this power and the children they are supposed to be protecting.

Now it seems that even when a Roman Catholic priest submits their resignation because of their part in covering up this disgusting filth that's infesting the church, the Vatican won't accept their resignation.  So, the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican and the Pope are all, it seems, willing to accept those who are complicit in these lowest forms of human behavior and happy to have them remain as supported representatives of their faith.

How can anyone with any morals whatsoever remain a Roman Catholic, remain in support of this church and what it represents, and not be almost physically ill at the sort of filth they have been financially supporting through paying their tithes to the church?


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Joseph said...

There was an interesting piece on USA 60 Minutes several years ago when a priest got his girlfriend pregnant. The priest went to his boss the monsignor and ask what should he do. The answer, tell her to get an abortion.

Now isn't that just typical of the two face molesters.

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My favourite joke.
Q. What do you get a pedophile for his birthday?
A. A new parish.
Not really funny due to it being so true, especially in the days gone by when the offender was shuffled from parish to parish.

In 1989 a woman was being stalked by an unknown man in Melbourne. The woman and her child moved to the Gold Coast to escape this deviant. He tracked her down despite constantly changing her phone number, he kept harassing her. Eventually (after 18 months of complaining) the Federal Police put a trace on her phone. The result, the person making the phone calls was traced back to an extension at James Goold House, 228 Victoria Pde, East Melbourne. This is the head office of the catholic Education Office and they REFUSED to supply the Police with the name of the person who worked in the office with that extension number. What a pack of hypocrites!!

I have often wonder how long I would be allowed to wonder the streets if I wore a white dress, pointy hat and told people that god spoke to me.

People that hear voices are considered to be mentally ill and require medical attention to help try and cure their illness or at least control it to some degree. Seems only the catholic clergy can be loonies and not get hospitalised. Go figure.

cardinal george pell has publically said, recorded on TV footage, that abortion is worse than a priest molesting a child. Imagine that, a pedophile is a more holy person than a woman who has an abortion. Where do these animals get their morals from; that are not normal.

In the early 2000s, a 14 year old girl was raped in Ireland, a 98% catholic country, and became pregnant. She was refused and abortion because it is oh, such a great sin. So, her family were going to take her to England to abort her rapists child. The fine upstanding polititians informed her she would be charged with murder upon her arrival back in Ireland. Excuse the language but what a pack of uncaring,self rightious, pious cunts!! What a loving and all merciful god they worship that forces a 14 year old child to be reminded, of what I consider to be the second most heinous crime, to be constantally reminded of what she was forced to endure. I have a daughter and I can say that there would be dead bodies if this happened to my child.

My apologies for my long winded rant but as a product of a catholic education I know first hand of the duplicity of these men (and I use that word loosely) who wear dresses, travel first class everywhere, live in absolute comfort with unrivaled job security. I personally know of one priest who purchased with parish funds (money given by the suckers who waste an hours extra sleep on a Sunday) a $65,000 car because he wanted something sporty.

Oh I could go on for hours about the waste of money but I am sure you are as aware of it as I am. This really wasn't for publication especially with me saying there would be dead bodies and the inference it contained. if law enforcement read it I am sure I would get a knock on the door the next morning just like when I found a male porn image on a catholic school Principal's PC and I get served with a Search Warrant a few weeks later with them looking for Child Pornography.

Keep up the good fight TOW as I shall keep reading your blogs, all your blogs from now on. :)