Thursday, August 12, 2010

Election10: How to choose Australia's next broadband network

For anyone in Australia concerned with Internet speeds both in cities (which is adequate in some areas and poor in others) and regional areas (which is currently between poor and almost non-existent), can you please have a read of this article that offers some form of comparison between the ALP's NBN and the LNP's NBC.

Now, as I see it, neither is ideal, both offer improvements, and we REALLY need a full and proper investigation of the options by people with a clue about Internet connectivity (ie, not Senator Conroy) and then bipartisan support for deploying the required infrastructure.

We've already blown the best chance we had of doing this properly - we sold off Telstra's infrastructure that was once owned by the people of Australia and now we need to duplicate (or lease back) this infrastructure.  When Telecom Australia was fiddled with on the way to selling it off, the company should have been split into Infrastructure (still government owned) and Services (privatised) and the infrastructure should have been made available to *all* players at fair prices.  But this is now in the past and we'll pay for it time and time again as we do anything with Australian telecommunications.

Add to this that the ALP will still try and implement the poorly thought out, poorly supported and in no way viable Internet Filter and the LNP will drop it like the ridiculous plan it is.

I still think that we need to have some things that are done in the best interests of the country, not the current Government, but as our political system currently stands, what's best for the country doesn't necessarily result in votes for the Government, therefore it won't be implemented as the term "bipartisan" is something that is far from any current politician's thoughts...


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