Sunday, April 04, 2010

Catholics Liken Sexual Abuse Outrage To Jewish Persecution

Considering it is Magic Bunny Day today, I felt I had to post this.  The NY Times reports that the Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, whilst addressing a Vatican congregation including Pope Benedict - the current Pope, who is being criticized for his lack of action against child abusers in the Roman Catholic church - made comparisons between the outrage that is being expressed against the Roman Catholic church and its lack of action against child molesters in the church (actually, in the priesthood) with the persecution that the Jews have experienced.

This would be laughable if a) it wasn't so serious a crime that the Catholic church is covering up and trying to run away from and b) if this wanker (and a large portion of the wanker's congregation at that mass - including the Pope himself) didn't actually believe it.

Aside from the fairy tales that the Catholic church (and other religions) are trying to have people believe, which *should* be a crime, the actual criminals that they are housing in the priesthood and continually trying to shield from real-world justice should be starting to show what this organisation is truly like.  They are a despicable people if they wish to shield their child molesting brethren from the Law.  They are something that society in general abhors, yet for some reason, they see themselves as being persecuted, not being brought to fair justice.

I'm sure their fictitious leader would come down from his fluffy cloud and cut off their junk if he were actually real and not just a myth.  So that leaves the justice up to us - and as a society, we find child molestation to be an abhorrent crime that should result in those who performed these crimes *and* those who are hiding those criminals from justice being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.


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