Thursday, April 08, 2010

Can Roman Catholics Get Any Lower?

The Bishop of Tenerife (Spain, not Brisbane), Bernardo Álvarez has now gone on record making the claims that "There are 13 year old adolescents who are under age and who are perfectly in agreement with, and what’s more wanting it, and if you are careless they will even provoke you".

How low can the Catholic church go?  Anyone want to place bets?  Will they soon say that all children in the Catholic church have the right to be abused by any clergy member and like it?

Now, even though god doesn't exist, a priest is supposed to be representing this non-existent being - and this god is supposed to be a god of love.  Should this love extend to sexually assaulting children and then claiming that the children asked for it, therefore the priests - who took an oath of chastity - get away scot free?

No sane person would agree with that.  So how can any sane person condone what's been going on in the Roman Catholic church?  How can any Roman Catholic be proud of what they belong to?  How can any Roman Catholic priest claim to be representing some supernatural being of love when they are being so vile and so damaging towards the children they are supposed to be protecting?

And WHY are the other religious denominations not outraged at what's been going on?  That is another cause of concern if you think about it.

Filthy, disgusting criminals.  That's what they are.  They aren't worthy of anything other than what society doles out to child molesters.

I wonder why those who have a clear mind and can use this to look at religion and see it for what it truly is - a false belief in a non-existent being and apparently a "boys club" where child molesters can be protected from normal society - are turning away from it in droves?  Religion is a crock.  God does not exist.  And if he did - what would he think of his church?

Enough said (for now).


The Outspoken Wookie


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty wide brush there Mr. Travis.

Hilton Travis said...

Anonymous, 2 things here.

1. I'm willing to put my name to my thoughts and not hide behind an "Anonymous" tag, and

2. The Roman Catholic church is the hand holding the brush. They did this all themselves by not doing what any normal human being would do, and doing it in the name of their god.

Rob C said...

Hiltons brush might be wide, but the systemic abuse of children can never be condoned.

Sure, a few bad apples will be in every organisation, but they need to be removed and not swept under the carpet (or moved to a new parish).

The fault is in the higher levels administration that recycle these perverts into new areas to save face for the church instead of applying the justice that these act deserve.

Hilton Travis said...

G'day Rob,

The "Joining the Dots" segment on Hungry Beast recently is a scary reminder of both how long child rape has been going on in the priesthood of the Roman Catholic church and also long they have been attempting to hide it from not only the public view, but also from the authorities.