Sunday, March 07, 2010

XP Mode Without Hardware Virtualization

Thanks to Tony Albans for the info, here's a couple of links that show how to get the Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise "XP Mode" running on older computers that don't have hardware assisted virtualization.

First is a link on how to get this running with VMware Player.  Now, I've beein using VMware since 1.0 was released and it is a very solid virtualization platform.  The instructions here show you how to use VMware Player, a free virtualization client, to access the XP Mode install and integrate it with Windows 7.

The second link shows how to get this running properly with Sun's VirtualBox.  VirtualBox is free for personal and evaluation use as well as academic use, but not for use in any commercial situation.  There is a commercial license available and also an Open Source version, however the OSS version doesn't support USB pass-through.  Using the VMLite plugin allows XP Mode to integrate with the Windows 7 desktop.

So, out of these methods, I'd first suggest using new hardware with inbuilt hardware assisted virtualization as it will ensure a better experience.  Failing that, I'd recommend the VMware Player method, purely because it is a rock solid virtualization platform and it is licensed for use in all scenarios.

Finally, XP Mode is really only designed to be used for that one XP application from a LOB vendor who is so far behind the times they don't support Windows 7.  It isn't really designed for continued, production use.  However, it does work rather well!


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