Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Freakiest Thing...

Yesterday morning as I was driving from Brisbane to Wyong and was nearing the new Tweed bypass tunnel, I noticed the weirdest thing - as I was continuing southward, the Sun jumped what I estimated to be about 15 degrees to my right (to the the West). I've never seen anything like that before and was more than a little concerned until I realized I just passed into NSW and that they have Daylight Saving Time.

Now, in Queensland we know better than to go playing with the Space-Time continuum and we don't take part in the unnatural practice of Daylight Saving. Causing the Sun to move in this manner by unnaturally altering time can only lead to warps in Space-Time, leading to all manner of serious, possibly life threatening and even species terminating problems.

It truly would deserve humankind right if some predator from a parallel universe were to slip through such a rent in the fabric of space-time caused by Daylight Saving and wipe us all out.


The Outspoken Wookie

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