Friday, February 12, 2010

Queensland: Altruistic Surrogacy Allowed

Finally, Queensland sees clear to make altruistic surrogacy legal.  Commercial surrogacy still remains a crime, but Laws making altruistic surrogacy a crime in Queensland will be repealed.

The new Laws will contain no discrimination on the basis of sex, meaning same sex couples can use a female friend to start a family.

Now personally, I think this is a great thing.  There are a number of couples who cannot have children for various reasons and if someone is willing to bear a child and adopt it out to that couple, then this cannot be a bad thing.  There are a number of parents who definitely don't deserve to have children, and I'd be willing to bet critical organs that those who participate in a program such as this will be some of the better parents, more suited to bringing up these children than a number of other couples that any of us could think of.

The children are likely to be less intolerant of those different from themselves and therefore better fit into society than children of, say, right-wing religious nutter parents who can't tolerate homosexuals, people with long hair, people with body art, people with a different god to theirs (not that theirs exists) and voters who vote for a different political party.


The Outspoken Wookie

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Elisabeth said...

That is probably as true a statement as one can make. I can only hope the results of this will spur positive behavior in those who take for granted having children in the first place.