Sunday, January 10, 2010

Google Superphone or SuperShaft?

The Register definitely doesn't mind biting the hand that feeds it - they even use this as a tagline.  Proof of that is in this article which questions Google's ability to play fairly in the level playing field they constantly claim they are creating.

It is an interesting read and I encourage you all to have a read and a serious think about this.  (Out of interest, the link to the Rosenberg "sermon" on page 2 is broken (and I reported it as such, so it may be fixed by the time you read it) and it should point here.)

One very interesting point to note regarding this El Reg article - nowhere does it even consider Windows Phone as a player in this market.  Yet more "proof" that as I claimed back on June 4th, 2008, Microsoft has all but abandoned the market.  They had it in the palm of their hand (pun intended), but then let their product stagnate to the point of it going putrid.  How many IT folks who used to own, use, recommend and sell Windows Mobile handsets have now bought themselves an iPhone and are now recommending these to their clients?

Thanks to Vijay Riyait for bringing this article to my attention.  :)


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David Benet said...

Why even acknowledge the existence of Windows Mobile these days.

The 6.5 release did nothing to rekindle any interest and the V7 release is going to provide features that have been available from Google and Apple for a while now.

Like Google, they need to take control over the hardware side if they are to make any progress. At least put out an MS branded handset to show the market what they think WM is supposed to be.

When the telcos take 6+ months to release updates for existing phones and the hardware manufactures make the update process as elegant as jailbreaking an iPhone, who can be bothered?