Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Motion: The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world

This was an Intelligence Squared Debate presented from London by Zeinab Badawi that was broadcast on the BBC.  The 1 hour 3 minute debate in its entirety can be found here.  The presenters are the Archbishop of Abuja (Nigeria) John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdecombe, British Conservative MP for the affirmative and Stephen Fry (need I say more?) and Christopher Hitchens (need I say more?).

The whole shebang as edited for television runs for approximately 46 minutes and is split into 5 parts.  Clicking on the first part will play, and leave you with a link to the second, third, fourth and fifth parts.

There was a poll of the audience prior to entry and then there was another poll taken after the debate and Q & A from the floor (during closing arguments) with the results shown towards the end - this was partially edited from the televised version for reasons of time limits.  And yes, due to the relative merit of the arguments presented there was a significant swing between polls.


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