Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Email Insanity

Whilst I was emailing a friend about email and other things, I thought I'd check and see how many emails I've actually received since 13 November 2009 (and it is now 12 December, 2009).

Can you guess how many?  1000?  I wish!  5000 - not even close!  7000, getting hot...  7425 - that's right, almost 7500 emails in a month.  If I had a dollar for each email I received...

Now, how many have I sent?  745!  That's simply ridiculous!

OK, I think it is time for this insanity to stop.  Well, at least slow down somewhat.

Starting right now - bugger going for a walk tonight, I'm culling the number of mailing lists and email lists I'm on back to something actually *sensible*.


The Outspoken Wookie

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