Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adobe Downsizes By 9%

Well, they downsized their staff by 9%, but I bet that does noting for their code bloat.  If the world truly was a fair place, those they let go would have been the coders who created the massive code bloat in their applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Reader.  An example of this code bloat is that Adobe Reader is 26.1 MB in size and chews resourses like a 90 year old man chews Viagra tablets before a trip to a brothel, whereas Foxit Reader is only 5.14 MB and equally light on system resources.  We all know Photoshop takes longer to load than a fuel tanker using only a shot glass - and it reduces available RAM like a nuclear reactor depletes Uranium*.

The whole idea of downsizing and tightening up the company needs to be linked with a downsizing and tightening up of their code - Adobe products (in particular Reader) have had huge numbers of security issue up to date.  I truly hope this series of layoffs results in better code from Adobe.

* Yes, I know that nucular (Dubyaspeak) reactors aren't the only source of Depleted Uranium.  Naturally occurring Uranium is about (from memory) 99.27% U238, 0.72% U235 and 0.01% U234 and through various forms of magic, Enriched Uranium (the product) is produced and sent to help charge our iPhones and Depleted Uranium (the byproduct), with about a third of the good stuff (U234 and U235) and less than 2/3 of the radiation of naturally occurring Uranium is then sent to be used for (surprisingly) radiation shielding material, amongst other things.

Nuclear reactors also produce Depleted Uranium from their Enriched Uranium fuel, however this spent nuclear fuel is slightly different to the other Depleted Uranium in that it contains U236 and a bunch of other useful stuff as a result of the nuclear fusion and is generally then sent of for further reprocessing.

Thus endeth the "Cursory overview of Uranium types".  :)


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