Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steve Ballmer Finally Agrees With Me

OK, he didn't fire himself (he's obviously not in total agreement with me yet), however he did admit in public that Microsoft has screwed up with Windows Mobile.  Oh, really?  It is that obvious to you now, Steve?  Microsoft's Windows ME R2 (also known as Vista) allowed Apple's desktop PC market share to more than double (and it continues to climb) and their utter disregard for their own Windows Mobile platform has enabled Apple to once again walk into a room and take serious market share away from once-happy Microsoft clients..

Back in June 2008 I blogged that Windows Mobile was like Microsoft's redheaded stepchild.  It had been promised toys to play with, but then left all by itself in the corner with no-one to play with and no toys other than the wrapping paper from the boxes the other children's toys came in.

Over 15 months later Steve Ballmer admitted I was right.  There's hopefully not much longer for him to admit I was right on other things, such as his ineptitude at being Microsoft's CEO.  Oh, well - if you don't have dreams, what do you have?  :)


The Outspoken Wookie

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