Sunday, September 06, 2009

SharePoint Spotlight Session

Just to let everyone know that we've got Robert Crane starting his SharePoint Spotlight Session for the SMB IT Pro Brisbane group.

Adam Clark from the SharePoint User Group will be along a little later as well.

WSS 3.0 is *in* SBS 2008 - how many people know anything much about SharePoint? WSS 2.0 was in SBS 2003. How many people used it? Have a serious think about this - SharePoint is Microsoft's *BIGGEST* money maker and has been for a good 12+ months - if we're not getting on the bandwagon, why not? Have a look at Robert Crane's site for his Windows SharePoint Operations Guide - well worth the subscription.


The Outspoken Wookie

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Robert Crane said...


Thanks to the whole SMBITPro crowd in Qld. You've got a great group and I have really enjoyed presenting and meeting many people for the very first time.