Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Gets It Right!

This is beautiful to see.  The wording obviously slipped past Redmond's marketroids unnoticed.  When blatant truth like this comes from Microsoft, it seems that there may well be hope after all!

If you look at this link to Microsoft's new efficiency launch event (yawn - unless you're an accountant, when you'll get all warm and tingly in the nether region) you will see the following statement:

Join in the conversation during this must-see event and see top technology leaders and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, debate the role of IT during this economic reset...

Yes, that's right - top technology leaders *and* Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.  That's right - he's not included in the "top technology leaders" group.  How true!  And this is where he'll shine.  He's an accountant.  Not a technology leader, not the right person to be CEO of a top technology company.  There's nothing wrong with accountants, but they cannot run technology companies well.

Now, that matter of fact aside, this could actually be an interesting event - if only to see what Microsoft wants to have us sell Windows 7 as.  They have done themselves financial harm with Vista.  Not to mention losing significant market share to Apple and having the perception out there that they can no longer write a viable desktop OS.  Windows 7 - as far as an OS can - will bring a turn-around.  It works.  Well.  Quite well.  Although it really is Vista R2, it is a whole new beast, too.

Microsoft has lost forever those clients that have moved to Apple.  Once there, people don't tend to come back despite the application compatibility and availability issues.  Once they have made that leap, the ships seem to be further apart than they were for the initial leap.  That may not be the case, but that's what they see.  What Microsoft needs to do is to retain as many of those contemplating the leap as they can, and Windows 7 should do a decent job of that.  It works fast on existing hardware (even older hardware that would make Vista crawl like a sedated sloth through molasses), looks and feels nice and is reliable.  None of those things could be attributed to Vista.  OK, maybe the look and feel, but if you have an OS that looks nice yet runs applications slower than your fridge could, that's not going to win you any Brownie Points.

So, yeah, I'm going to have a look at this event and I suggest anyone interested in seeing where Microsoft's looking in the future, as far as business plans, should also have a look.  Sure, it may be 2AM-4AM EST here in Australia, but sometimes making the effort is well worth it, and this is one case where I think it will pay off.


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