Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Britain's ITV dumps Silverlight

ITV was using Silverlight to deliver some of its online content, but has recently dumped it in favor of the much more widely spread and slightly more cross-platform Adobe Flash product.

Stupidly, both Adobe and Microsoft have ignored Internet Explorer x64 and neither have a plugin available for that. Strangely enough, Flash is available for Linux in both x86 and x64 variants.

Silverlight 3.0 is available for Windows x86 and Mac x86, however Silverlight is only available for Linux as Moonlight 1.0 - two whole versions behind the times. Adobe Flash Player is available for Windows x86, Mac x86 and Linux x86 and x64 and are all at the current release version.

Microsoft's Silverlight is nice - I really like what it can do and can see its potential, however at this point in time it seems not to have made any real headway in its war against Flash.

The problem now with Silverlight will be for developers - if they continue to develop in Silverlight and then Ballmer pulls the rug out from under them like he has with other products recently, most of their development time will have been wasted. Without knowing exactly what the foreseeable future of Silverlight will be, more companies may take ITV's lead and abandon it for the more common Flash platform. That's again what you get for allowing an accountant to run a technology company.


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