Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Companyweb in SBS 2008 needs some iFilters

Companyweb (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) as shipped and configured in SBS 2008 doesn't contain the iFilters for the latest MS Office formats nor for Adobe PDF files, which means that search results in Companyweb won't show documents of these file formats.

Microsoft has 2 Knowledge Base Articles available that walk you through the process. The first is this one which gives a download location for the Microsoft Filter Pack and then a step-by-step process for ensuring it is properly configured for Companyweb. The next is available here and is the guide for installing the Adobe PDF iFilter, however the link to the iFilter is for the version 6 iFilter which won't work with SBS 2008. To download the latest (at this point in time) x64 version if the Adobe PDF iFilter, click on this link and download the Adobe PDF iFilter 9.0 x64 version.


The Outspoken Wookie


Robert Crane said...

Hilton, don't forget my Windows SharePoint Operations Guide covers all this configuration and more with complete step by step instructions including screen shots.

See for more info.

Robert Crane

Robert Crane said...


Also interesting to note that although the Adobe document will assist you with indexing Acrobat documents it will not give you a PDF icon in SharePoint for your Adobe file types.

I have blogged about configuring this at:

and created a video how to:

Also, any PDF documents you have in the site will not indexed until a full SharePoint crawl is completed even after you have done the configuration so beware.

Robert Crane