Friday, March 20, 2009

SBS/EBS 2008 Exam Voucher Extension

I asked Microsoft to see if they really meant to give us a whole 8 days to sit the SBS and/or EBS 2008 Exam using the Voucher that was sent yesterday to all of those who attended the recent Licensing Road Show and have just heard back that the date has been extended from 31 March 2009 until 30 June 2009.

So that's great news - the 70-653 (SBS 2008) or 70-654 (EBS 2008) Exam is a pre-requisite for attaining your Small Business Specialist Community membership and needs to be taken by those SBS 2003 SBSCs before 31 October 2010 to remain an SBSC past this point.

So, thanks to Robbie for the RC0 code that he was handing out to anyone within reach during August and September 2008 and also to the copy that he arranged for attendees of the WESS Pre Day for Tech Ed 2008 and also to the copy that is available through MAPS, MSDN and/or TechNet, not to mention the Evaluation Version that can be downloaded or ordered from Microsoft TechNet (SBS 2008 and EBS 2008), we've really got no excuse not to be able to make time to get experience with, study for and now sit this exam.


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