Friday, February 13, 2009

Optus - What Service!

I'm calling on behalf of a client to connect 2 new services (9:05 AM on a Friday), and when I get through their menu system, this is the response I receive...

"Unfortunately, due to temporary service difficulties, we cannot connect your call at this time. Please try again later."


The Outspoken Wookie


Anonymous said...

And this is different from Telstra how? Customer service - don't think getting assistance - think Farmer Joe hiring out his stud bull to service the local cows. Hint: you're not the bull.

Bryce said...

Seems to be a pattern here, I called TPG this morning for technical support and got a "Due to an influx of calls, please call back later" message. Couldn't even wait on hold.
TPG = poo.