Thursday, February 12, 2009

David Byrne

On Saturday 7 Feb I headed into the Brisbane Convention Centre with Simon Budden to see David Byrne on the Brisbane leg of his current "Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno" tour. Now, I've been a *massive* David Byrne fan way back to the early Talking Heads days of Talking Heads: 77 as well as being a fan of Brian Eno who has worked with both Talking Heads and David Byrne since around 1978. I'd have to put down David Byrne as the most important influence on my career in the music/entertainment industry which, although I'm not working in it full time, I'm still active in and can't see that changing until I lose my hearing. :)

So, how was the concert? Excellent. It almost checks off one of the things I've always wanted to do - see Talking Heads. Since that won't happen any time in this reality, this has to be as good as that wish will get. Can I die a happy man now? Probably!

For a review of the Brisbane gig, have a read of this. For more reviews of the Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno tour, have a read of this.

All I can end with is, well, Ooh, What A Day That Was! :)


The Outspoken Wookie.

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Joh said...

Saw it tonight in Auckland - and I agree, this was the closest I will ever get to seeing & hearing 'Talking Heads' Live, ever in my life - and I'm just elated at the experience.

I've seen Byrne live before, but to hear a large chunk of Fear of Music & Remain In Light, live, is just beyond words. His band rocked it, and it's been awhile since I've been in such a boisterous audience that lapped up every second.

I'm in total bliss.