Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Antivirus 2009

OK. I just have to say this here. If you've been infected by *any* of the malicious malware that's around - viruses, spyware, and especially Antivirus 2009, then there's one (read: One) way to eliminate this from your system and return it to a known-clean state.

Nuke and Pave.

Cleaning it won't help.

Hoping it is clean won't help.

Praying it is clean *obviously* won't help.

Do you *know* exactly what was done to your system while it had its pants arounds its ankles and its junk exposed for all to gawk at? (Gawk: verb.) Do you KNOW that there were no rootkits dropped onto it while Antivirus 2009 fondled its privates? Nope. Do you *know* what happened? Nope.

So how can you run a cleaner and proclaim it clean? You can't do this and expect to be taken seriously.

If you've been hit by malicious software because your previous practices were not adequate to protect you from this, nuke, pave AND LEARN.


The Outspoken Wookie


Martin said...

Yup - that antivirus2009 is definitely a nasty beast!

Chris Knight said...

The BOFH would just null route packets to and from the infected box till the user got the hint. Quicker than a nuke'n'pave :-)