Sunday, January 04, 2009

Now, That Is A Party

How did we miss this announcement? :)

OK, now taking things seriously, we need a Party in Australia who can use reality and common sense to look at issues for what they are. We don't need an Internet filter that's forced on us like the filter forced by the Communist Government in China on its citizens - all this will do is limit things that a Government cronie committee wants banned (and not have to release the list nor the reasoning behind their decisions) and increase the cost of providing Internet connectivity to Australians, not to mention reducing our own freedom of choice and ability to teach our children the morals we wish them to take to heart and live by.

Can you imagine surfing the Internet and finding a Child Porn site that's open for all and sundry? Nope, nor can I. That's because they don't exist. The filth and scum who deal in this disgusting material know they are doing something morally and legally corrupt, so they hide behind closed doors to ensure people don't find out what they are doing. They make it hard for the police to infiltrate their society, so how can a member of the general population stumble across this kind of filth - they can't. These sites are carefully hidden away and known to the sick members of that sick society.

Will the Internet Filter make the Internet "safer"? No. Will it make it a nicer place for our kids? No. Should the Government be making moral decisions like this and changing them into a legally enforceable policy that's made, itself, behind closed doors with no-one to answer to? No. Should we have the right to choose whether we wish to filter the Internet for our own usage and that of our kids? Yes.

So, when a Party like this comes along that actually seems to have a clue, well, maybe we need to support them - or at least honestly investigate what they are actually standing up for and see if this is the sort of thing we need to encourage. We *know* that the main Parties are not really doing much in the general best interest of Australians - what infrastructure does Australia own now - no ports, no airports, no electricity, no telecommunications, and the list goes on. How many other stupid things are we allowing to happen by voting with the major Parties? Should we be looking at a rational, sensible minority Party that can hold the Government accountable?


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