Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eggs, baskets and learning lessons is down. Don't you think Microsoft would have learned the many lessons they have been taught over the years about not putting all of your eggs in the one basket? Wouldn't you have thought they'd have learned from all the lessons other people have been taught?

Apparently not.

So, with this site down, no-one can authenticate to anything Microsoft runs - not MSDN, not Technet, not Connect, not eOpen. That's right - not only can you not get to the Microsoft technical support and developer resource sites, but you also cannot obtain access to the eOpen site where your Licensing information is stored (if you use Microsoft Volume Licensing) and where links to media for download is located.

Talk about one easy way to cause your legitimate users to wonder why they didn't use pirated software in the first place as it wouldn't be affected by such issues as this and the Windows Genuine Advantage bugs that occasionally turn a fully licensed, properly installed and previously functioning operating system into a time bomb.

Not that I'm recommending piracy in any way, I'm just wondering why Microsoft has so much disdain and dislike for their legitimate customers.


The Outspoken Wookie