Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vodafone Mobile Connect replacement

With the continual issues that the rather poorly written Vodafoner Mobile Connect software seems to suffer from (and therefore we as users of Vodafone also suffer from), I decided I'd had enough and it was time to look around. MWConn was I looked at (after David Houston let me know he was running the Mobilink software up in Irelend on his Toshiba M700 tablet PC).

MWConn is a nice, little freeware app that, well, just works. Little as in about 0.25 MB and tiny system resource consumption. Nice as in it doesn't break networking like the VMC client does. Freeware as in freeware.

As I already had the E220 Huawei drivers loaded, I just installed MWConn, set the APN to "vfinternet.au" saved the config and ran the UMTSGPRS.exe file that found my USB device, connected to Vodafone and worked.

Markus B. Weber, the author, asks for a donation if you like this app. Well, I'll play a little more and if it is stable and functional, then I'll definitely donate.


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