Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Untangle 6.0 Released

Untangle, the rather nice Linux-based firewall with Active Directory integration that will be able to fit the spot that's been vacated by ISA (now that it has been dropped from SBS 2008) has been updated to version 6.0 which brings not only a new interface written in HTML 2.0 (replacing the old Java-based interface) and also added the eSoft Web Filter to the subscription options.

The Untangle Gateway Platform is the perfect fit for managed service providers, and the company is excited to announce the availability of Untangle 6.0 (standalone) for download at www.untangle.com/download. This release includes new applications and a number of enhancements that will make Untangle easier to sell and manage.

The Windows version based on Re-Router technology is still at version 5.4.2 and will be upgraded to 6.0 in the near future.


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