Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SBSC PAL December 2008

The Silly Season is upon us once again, so don’t expect this to be too serious. Besides, I’ve had enough “serious” lately that I am due some “silly”. :)

First up, D-Link is bringing their VoiceCenter product (built on Microsoft Response Point) into Australia as of early next year. You will need to complete the D-Link training before you can resell this specialist product, which consists of a course (the cost of which includes a VoiceCenter system) that will be run at locations around Australia from February, 2008. D-Link has chosen Ingram Micro as their distribution partner. Microsoft Response Point is an IP-based phone system designed for SMBs. It features many of the features of bigger phone systems at a decent price point and features voice recognition technology to make driving the phone system a lot easier. I’ve heard that a 2009 D-Link and Robbie roadshow is on the cards – that should be worth looking forward to.

If anyone is wondering what to put on their Xmas list, then have a look at this personal jet aircraft. Have a look at Yves’ site for some more on this. Google “FusionMan” for some more interesting stuff and there’s also a fair bit more on YouTube.

Are you going to be doing the same things in 2009 as you did in 2008, but expecting different results? That’s the first sign of business insanity. Although we’re quite busy right now, we are taking some time off over the holiday break to think about where we can improve next year. We’ve already got some ideas and some plans on how we can deliver better service to our clients but are going to be thinking about some more. Are you taking time off from working at your business to work on your business and thinking about how you can deliver better service to your clients? In these tough times, we need to ensure we treat our clients right, target our products and services right and therefore deliver more than our clients expect. Delivering what they expect is what a lot of our competitors can do. Is setting our sights on the soaring heights of mediocrity what we really want to aim for? The whole idea of the SBSC program is to differentiate ourselves from the “crowd” and show that we have the product knowledge, training, education and the experience to deliver the right solution to our clients.

While you’re taking this time to look at your business, take some time to look at your family and those dear to you. Do you really know them well enough? Do you spend enough time with them? Do you spend so much time working to afford to keep them that you are thinking about selling them off and relaxing a little? :) Oops, I meant spending so much time working that you don’t get enough time for the things that really matter? We all need to remember that the important things in life aren’t found on a laptop screen, but on the faces of our loved ones.

And while we’re thinking about family, how about suggesting that if they really love you, they’ll talk to Yves and start negotiations on getting you your own jet wing!

So, with a new year ahead and a swag of new products available, let’s all look at ways we can deliver these products to our clients to help them run their businesses better and enable them to also spend time doing the things that really matter. If we do this right, they’ll help us do the things we really want to do.


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