Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Steve Ballmer a Complete Idiot?

I've said before that Microsoft, under Steve Ballmer's leadership, appears like a rudderless ship on a stormy ocean. They are directionless - at least to those of us not being paid by Microsoft.

Now, to add to this the complete clusterfeck that is "Microsoft wants Yahoo, no they don't, yes they do, no they don't". Directionless and without real leadership.

And now, Steve Ballmer in an interview with the WSJ, is still leaving the Yahoo acquisition - one of the worst marketing disasters at Microsoft (aside from Vista, that is) - on the table. Has this guy totally lost the plot?

OK, as I've said before, the stupidest thing from a public perception point that Microsoft has done in a while (since, say, November/December 2006) has been to try and buy Yahoo. No, actually the second stupidest thing. The stupidest thing was half-heartedly trying to buy Yahoo. The stupidest thing that the Board at Yahoo has done, probably in their entire existence, was to reject the offer.

Now it appears as though Ballmer hasn't learned any lesson from this - he's said he wants Yahoo and Yahoo he will have, though he may not win this in the end. He's like a dog with a bone - don't try to take it off him as he'll growl and snap at you, but if you're careful, you may get that bone from the dog. Getting this stupid idea from Ballmer and squashing it is what the Board at Microsoft needs to do - they can ill afford more marketing disasters right now. (As an aside, why do you think they are renaming "Windows Vista R2" as "Windows 7"?)

Maybe squashing the cause of these bad ideas is a better thing - that way no more will take their place.


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