Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise for SBSCs

OK, now I'll repeat a question I've asked before, but bring it a little more up to date.

Who here thinks that having WS2K8 Ent available via the SBSC Kit for all SBSCs (or even in MAPS for all subscribers) is sensible? Yeah, me too. Microsoft is now starting to understand what Virtualization is all about. Starting to. Yet we receive WS2K8 Standard in MAPS, which is nearly useless for trialling Virtualization scenarios for our clients/ourselves. Having WS2K8 Ent would mean that we could actually run a number of the different server applications we receive in MAPS that cannot be run on the same server instance due to incompatibilities and/or performance issues. It just makes sense that we're given the ability to actually use the software provided in MAPS, not given it and then need to purchase additional server licenses to make decent use of it.

I brought this up in the WS2K3 days and had a reasonable number of people agreeing that this would allow them to better be equipped to sell a) the software they receive in MAPS and b) virtualization scenarios to their clients, but nothing seems to have been done about this inside Microsoft (well, nothing positive).

So, hands up those who'd be able to benefit from WS2K8 Ent and likely increase the quantity of Microsoft product they'd be able to sell.


The Outspoken Wookie


David Mackie said...

For Testing all MS Server Product has 60 Day no Licence Key Trials.

Running long term is production and these partners need to consider climbing the Partner Level Ladder and commit to MS the same way they want MS to commit to them. Just my 0.02 Registered Members need to stop trying to get all the benefits of being a Certified Partner without the Cost, Commitment and Customer Validation. There is already not enough differentiation between the two levels in my opinion.

Chris Knight said...

TechNet or just Eval downloads will do this, as David mentions.

A VL version of Office 2007 would be far more useful IMHO.