Friday, November 07, 2008

SBS Software Assurance

As there have been a few questions surrounding SBS Software Assurance of late, I'll post a list of the basic options you have - basic insofar as I'm not listing all possible options, just the most common ones. As this is read by everyone, I'll post SKUs and RRP pricing - you can order these from Ingram Micro and Express Data.

The prices are for SBS Standard and Premium Software Assurance, and as for the CALs, these are all 5-Packs (to keep in line with any people buying SBS 2003 OEM now and wanting to add SA) for Open Business, No Level. If you don't know what that means, then you need to get along to a little bit of MS Licensing training. ;)

Microsoft SKUDescriptionRRP exRRP inc
T75-00156SBS Premium SA (5 Client)$1342.73$1477.00
T72-00123SBS Standard SA (5 Client)$  770.00$  847.00
6VA-01638SBS Prem User CALs 5 Pack$  669.09$  736.00
6VA-01635SBS Prem Device CALs 5 Pack$  669.09$  736.00
6UA-02182SBS Std User CALs 5 Pack$  272.73$  300.00
6UA-02179SBS Std Device CALs 5 Pack$  272.73$  300.00


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