Saturday, November 15, 2008

Novell's SBS Competitor

Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (NOWS SBE) has been around for a number of years now (in various guises), but there's some rather good news about it that has just been announced - as of December 3, 2008, the NOWS SBE Starter Pack will be available, and this comes with 5 Licenses free - that's right - your first 5 users on a NOWS SBE solution will be free.

I have a feeling this is in direct response to Microsoft's over the top price hike on SBS 2008 as compared to SBS 2003, but I cannot confirm this.

Anyway, have a read of this announcement made on November 3, 2008 for more information on this offer.

For sites where there's no need for an MS SQL database, it looks like NOWS SBE may be an extremely affordable, extremely viable solution that will provide a good, solid server for your clients. This is something I'll have to look further into and I'll report my findings back here.


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