Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did Microsoft And Sun Kiss And Make Up?

I seem to recall a few years ago, when Sun introduced Java as being a cross-platform product, that Microsoft decided to License this and then distribute their own Microsoftized version that was not cross-platform compatible with the rest of the Java platform, and then Sun suing Microsoft and successfully having them remove from distribution the Microsoft bastardized Java VM. Microsoft was far from being happy about this and Sun, I'd say, was elated.

Now, after the complete balls up that Steve Ballmer made when pursuing the Yahoo acquisition attempt which is now (finally) dead, he needed a new best friend, and it was to Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO and President of Sun that he seems to have turned.

Sun and Microsoft have come to some sort of arrangement whereby Sun, who's well known and despised for the amount of crap it tries to shove down people's throats when they download updates to the Java Runtime (which, by the way, as of Sun JRE 6U10, finally removes old versions during the install instead of leaving these carcasses on your system), will now shove the MSN Toolbar onto unsuspecting visitors. OK, it will likely be an optional download (that's enabled by default) like the recent Google Toolbar and Installer rubbish that Sun pushed onto people (not that I think is rubbish, quite the contrary, however pushing it on someone wanting to download Java is rubbish), but it is still annoying that I have to unselect optional crap when downloading something I want to download.

Anyway, this is an interesting development in the bedroom antics of the major players. :)


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