Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cletus finally ate his dinner

After feeding Remy and Colette (my two Jungle Pythons) the last of their fuzzy rats on Tuesday evening, I dropped past Pet City and picked up a pack of 5 to tide me over for a while. I got back home after a few onsite jobs and saw that Colette was perched on a vine looking out for more food, so I thawed out one of the fuzzies and thought that I'd try tempting Cletus with a little snack, and if he wasn't interested, I'd feed it to Colette.

Well, Cletus knew I was up to something - he smelled a rat. And about 1/10 second after he smelled it, it was in his mouth and being coiled upon. He then proceeded to eat the fuzzy. I did a little RatSnak dance.

Finally, I got him to eat something - he's been here about 2 months now and hasn't been interested in the slightest the two times I've tried to feed him - he sniffed, looked, licked, and then moved away. I even placed the rat on some newspaper on the basking platform and he coiled up next to it, paying it no attention whatsoever.

So this was a good start - a fuzzy to Cletus is like a half a small Chokito to us, but I thought this would get him in the mood, and I'd feed him a weaner rat on Saturday. Simon suggested that whilst he's in the mood I should quickly thaw a weaner and try that, and as he's had more experience at this than I have, I thawed a weaner.

Well, the weaner lasted a little longer - probably 2 or 3 seconds. Cletus had obviously finished his Redneck Fast - maybe because Barack Obama is replacing Dubya in the Whitehouse, maybe for other reasons. It took another 4 minutes or so for him to swallow the weaner. I did a bigger Cletus ate frozen/thawed rats dance. It felt good! :)

So, now I'm wondering what I do for food. Do I breed rats or continue to by frozen for now? As the Jungles grow, they'll need more rats and bigger rats, as will Cletus. Maybe breeding some here has merits...


The Outspoken Wookie

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