Monday, August 18, 2008

Jungle Pythons

So, I've finally got my two yearling Jungle Pythons here now. Woot! :)

The vivarium isn't as ready as I'd like it to be - I've not installed the plastic tubing in which I'll have the LED lights, but aside from that, it is pretty much ready to go. I've got the synthetic turf sections cut and installed (and a spare pair for when I need to clean the viv out), the heat mat for the top level where I want the heat and the water bowl all sorted. I've also got to get a bit more newspaper for under the turf (I'm not a newspaper reader, but a neighbour reads them regularly, so I'll get him to drop a few in occasionally instead of recycling them) and I'm pretty much set.

I'll leave them both to settle for a few days before I get them to pose for a few photos and I'll feed them later this week as well - they should be all settled and ready for a meal by then.

The larger viv isn't quite ready for the Bredli yet - the heat lamp needs a shield as ithese ceramic lamps get to around 200C on their surface - well and truly hot enough that if the Bredli gets a little too close, it can cause some serious damage. Aside from that, I've got the turf , water bowl and hides ready for that viv. So hopefully, Tuesday next week I'll be able to have this finished and be able to get the Bredli from Simon as well. Would be nice...


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