Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feedin' Time

OK, so I'm happy now. I tried earlier to get the Jungle Pythons to eat a fuzzy rat, bot no luck. Then I tried a few days later with a pinkie rat and still no joy. Not that it is really a concern, they could easily go a few more weeks without issue, but I'd like to feed them before Tech Ed! :)

So, when I came home from the VMWare User Group tonight (a presentation by Quest Software about their VDI offerings) I found the yellower of the Jungles all ready to feed, so I thawed out a pinkie and it was snapped up without a second thought. Woohoo! :) Now, I did the same to the paler of the Jungles and after a bit of coaxing, the pinkie was accepted. Excellent! :)

Now, I have the Bredli in the large vivarium with a heat mat under the lid of the hide and all seems good - he's been wandering around the viv, exploring, and spending time both on and in the hide as well as elsewhere. All looks good there. He'll easily be right to wait until after I get back from the SBS Pre-Day at Tech in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday of next week and the Aged Care IT conference in Melbourne on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Now, I have to make a decision quickly about SMB Nation '08/STS-125 as time's running out...


The Outspoken Wookie

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