Monday, July 28, 2008

Upcoming Australian Partner Conference

Well, I'm looking forward to the Australian Partner Conference in Port Douglas next week. I really hope that this will be (and can't see how it cannot be) better than the WPC '08 recently held in Houston.

Whilst my time at the WPC '08 was beneficial because of the people I met, and aside from a very few sessions that were actually interesting, the conference as a whole wasn't what I'd expected - there was no real information we discovered about Microsoft's future plans, nothing at all about what they are doing to change the way Vista is portrayed and perceived (let alone about its real issues out there that we are all seeing on a daily basis), and only a little bit about their "Software + Services" plans - again catching up on what the market's been looking at for some time now.

Software + Services - right now in Australia, after the massive outage that Optus had a fortnight back and now the massive issues caused by their admin team's utter incompetence wrt patching for the actively exploited DNS Cache Poisoning vulnerabilities, I can see that a lot of people will be really wondering if this is a smart move - allowing you to be completely separated from your data by either a backhoe or a DNS vulnerability, or whatever is coming next week. Not to mention the attrocious Internet speeds a lot of Australians (and those from other countries such as South Africa, England, Ireland and so on) have to endure.

Anyway, I'm thinking positively about the APC next week and am looking forward to it. I'll be at the Virtualization Pre-Day as well as the WESS Pre-Day and the main Conference. And I'll report back on the sessions as well as the overall feeling about Microsoft's plans, if we actually get to hear any of them. :)


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