Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steve Ballmer shows he has no idea III

Although not said in so many words, Steve Ballmer also implied that he was still interested in pursuing the Yahoo buyout. I mean, WTF?!?!?!

That was a bad idea right from the start. A really bad idea. No matter what the result it was ALWAYS going to be a publicity nightmare. How Steve ballmer couldn't see this - or, probably, more to the point, why he decided to go ahead with this clusterfuck of an idea after he was advised against doing it because of the bad publicity it would generate as well as the feelings of mistrust amongst the community it would generate is something the MS Board of Directors should really seriously look at.

As for Yahoo, I still strongly believe that they made the wrong decision - they made a religious decision (Microsoft is the devil) instead of a business decision (we're being paid a good price for our shares) - and they will likely regret it for quite some time to come, financially.

Microsoft should never, ever have considered buying them, however, from the publicity and community mistrust points of view.

But the utterly mindnumbingly stupid thing that Ballmer said yesterday in the Keynote about still looking to finish the deal, well, that's astounding. For a man who is supposed to have a clue, he keeps proving, time and again, that he really shouldn't be in the chair he's in. He may be the number two shareholder in Microsoft, but he needs to be asked to step aside and let someone with some clue about how to run a tech company lead the company on a forward direction into the future instead of his current "leading without steering in any direction" form of leadership.


The Outspoken Wookie


Anonymous said...

Crikey, Hilton! Don't hold back on the Ballmer-bashing ;) I'm guessing you are not considering looking for a postion with MS?
All true, but.

Hilton Travis said...

Nope, not looking for a position with Microsoft.

I think most people who know me know that I say what I mean and I don't pull punches nor (generally)believe that political correctness has a place in this universe - I think we'd all be better off if more people didn't hide their feelings and came clean with themselves and others. :)

Also, I think everyone who knows me knows that I don't believe Steve Ballmer can run Microsoft successfully. Right now, he's just continuing to provide fuel for my fire. :)