Monday, July 07, 2008

SBSC PAL Pre Pre Day

Well, we had the SBSC PAL Pre Pre Day at the Microsoft '08 WPC today and it looks like some of the stuff that came up in the SBSC RoundTables is exactly what MS is looking at also. So there should be some interesting changes ahead.

I'd like to see more than this done, but this is a good start.

I'll give more information when I can - but right now, just be prepared for some changes.

Also, The Grove is a rather nice restaurant here, right next to the Hilton and the George R. Brown Convention Center - they will be doing well this week! :)

Oh, yeah, before I forget, a few of us met up last night for dinner and a band was playing at the Sambuca Jazz Cafe - they did a number of covers that most bands should never, ever attempt, and they did them quite well. I'll find out who they were and blog their details. Chris Rue and I were both rather impressed with them. :)


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