Monday, July 28, 2008

The Queen and Erick

After I left Orlando I flew to LAX and spent the next few nights on the Queen Mary. This was a great change from your regular hotel - staying on a luxury cruise ship that happened to once be a troop carrier (as the gun on her deck shows) with a Russian "Scorpion" Foxtrot-Class submarine also floating alongside her.

I also went on a Hollywood tour and a Star Homes tour which were both quite interesting. I didn't really plan on the Star Homes tour (as I really don't care), but as I was in the area, "do as Romans do" felt right. Because the two tour directors were completely bonkers, I really enjoyed them both - a good way to spend the day.

I also caught up with Erick Simpson of Managed Services Provider University in Garden Grove. Erick is another really nice guy who has a really good understanding of the SMB IT market space and also has a good understanding of the benefits being an MSP can provide for your company and also for your clients. He has a good working relationship with and knowledge of a lot of the products on offer and I suggest that if you're even vaguely interested in providing a better service to your clients whilst making your life at work a little easier you take a look at his offerings - especially if you're already an SBSC as he has a special bonus for SBSCs. MSPU has a lot of online free training material also, for those who are wanting to look first before outlaying their own hard earned cash.

I then waited for 3.5 hours after the 11:20pm flight was supposed to leave LAX before we started backing away from the concourse and making our way back to Brisbane - there was a delay in the NY - LA flight which kept us all sitting in the smallest international terminal part of a decent airport that you'd want to be in. I'd have thought LAX was bigger/better than that, but in the end, we all boarded, flew and landed, so all up, not that bad, considering. At least we didn't get one of the "cheap maintenance" Qantas planes. :)


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