Thursday, July 03, 2008

Leaving Brisbane

Well, I got to the check in about 9AM for my 11:05 flight from Brisbane to LAX (suggested check in time is 2h before departure) and proceeded to stand in a queue for 2 and a quarter hours. After we passed the baggage check in queue, we then queued to go through customs for another 10 minutes, then queued to go through the first security check for another 10 minutes and then queued to go through a second security check. After this, I was lucky enough to get felt up by a nice Customs bloke (well, they called it a "random pat down") just as the guy in front of me got. That was my excitement for the morning! :)

We finally boarded the QF175 from BNE to LAX and left just on one hour late. They added fuel so they could hit the "go fast" pedal and we landed at LAX about 15 minutes late, then had to queue waiting for a gate to disembark.

'Twas a decent flight - I got a decent hour or so of sleep, sat next to a decent Aussie couple who I may catch up with again at Orlando as they will likely be at KSC when I am, and landed as expected. Hopefully the late departures and queueing is over... oh, hang on, we're entering the USA - the Land of the Long Sweatty, Annoyed Customs Queue. :)


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