Monday, July 28, 2008

KSC And A Weekend With Scott

OK. So after the WPC '08 in Houston, I flew to Orlando to do two important things. The first was to visit Kennedy Space Center and the second was to catch up with Scott Cayouette. Scott lives in Miami, has been to Orlando a number of times, is interested in the space program, but had never been to KSC. So I decided that I should combine both of these reasons for going to Orlando and invite Scott to KSC for the weekend.

Well first, I don't know if I should post the photos of us there - we're kind of depressed about the size we're currently showing as on camera - we're both quite sure we're not actually that big. Well, at least those photos encouraged us to do something about that aspect of our lives! :)

Now, we went on the Then and Now tour on the Saturday where you get to go around and see a lot of the older launch sites, visit the space and missile museum and generally get a better feel for the history behing the Cape Canaveral site. Sunday was when we went on the NASA Up Close tour on which we got to see a lot more Shuttle related areas and got pretty close to the launch pads and the landing strip. Both days, both tours, to be honest, to a space nerd, were great. :)

After being on the Level 9 tour of JSC in Houston and now having been around KSC in Orlando, I can be almost happy with things. I really want to be at KSC to experience a Shuttle launch - preferably inside the vehicle, but that's pretty unlikely (despite the fact that a lot of people would be made very happy if this was to occur). Maybe Oct 8th for the STS-125 launch... We'll see.

Anyway, as Scott is on the SBS advisory board for Microsoft and has a good understanding of not only the SMB marketplace in Miami and Florida, but as a whole, it was good to catch up with him in person, chat about issues we're both encountering and talk about things that we'd like to see from both the SBSCs and also Microsoft in the SMB market space. We have a lot in common and I think we both benefitted from not only the visit to KSC (Scott now has himself an annual pass and isn't afraid to use it) but also from being able to talk about the SBSC program and SMB IT in general.

Scott's a nice guy and this was a good weekend. Time well spent, I'd say.


The Outspoken Wookie

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