Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vodafone VMC Updates

For anyone using Vodafone and VMC, I've just updated some links in my Vodafone Mobile Connect blog entry. The latest software is an update to the version that Vodafone and I spent quite some time working on, trying to iron out a bug that they introduced in their Ver 9.x VMC client that caused DHCP to fail to function on a wired NIC on a Vista machine with VMC installed.

VMC is the version of VMC that addressed this issue, and the latest version, should have this fix in it as well - I'm aboot to reinstall my M200 Tablet PC - both the Windows XP Tablet Edition and the Vista x86 Business Edition installs - to see if I can sort an issue out with the XP install before I head over to the WWPC in Houston in July.

With any luck, both this issue and the VMC breaking DHCP issue is fixed - I'll post an update if I find any issues with this latest version of VMC.


The Outspoken Wookie

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