Friday, May 16, 2008

The Microsoft Feature Axe will need some serious sharpening soon

Well, they've gone and done it again! WHS - the OS based on the core of SBS 2003 with the special added bonus of corrupting some of the data you save to it - has now had the "backup" feature that's been so sorely missing shelved. That's right, folks - Microsoft has not managed to get this OS to actually be all that useful yet - you can't back it up properly, you can't save data to it properly and it *STILL* doesn't have an x64 client available (as of May 16, 2008 (not 1998, but 2008)).

And with the shelving of the "backup your WHS box" feature, well, they have probably put the last nail in its coffin.

I mean, what is it with Microsoft and their inability recently to employ coders who can reach goals of writing reliable software? I dunno...

I just dunno...


The Outspoken Wookie

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Chris Knight said...

PP1 lets you back up the Shared Folders, but has dumped the client backup database backup.

i.e. you can offsite the Shared Folders via backup, but you can't offsite the Client PC backups - they stay on the WHS. Which makes it slightly useful instead of completely useless.

Lack of x64 support is still frustrating.

In the meantime, WHS in a VM helps solve the backup problem...