Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't know why you'd steal one in the first place...

Some people are more stupid than people like to give them credit for. Here's a classic example:

This reminds me of a burglary attempt that was made on a business in Toowoomba once - the thieves tried to break into an automotive engineering company of a colleague of mine. They broke a small window at the back of the building and thought they could fit in, so they threw their bags inside and attempted to climb in. It was a little harder than they planned on and they didn't succeed.

So, the staff arrived in the morning to see a broken window and called the Police. The Police arrived, looked around, had the people open the building and this is when they saw two bags on the floor. The Police opened the bags and pulled out a wallet with a driver's license in it. There was nothing much else in the bags.

Because the driver's licene belonged to a person suspected of some recent break and enters that had been happening, the Police strangely enough didn't need to wonder if the wallet was stolen. They turned up at the house, found stolen goods there from a few thefts and arrested the two guys who were stupid enough to leave their ID at he site of a crime they committed.

Some people really, REALLY do waste good quality, usable oxygen! :)


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