Friday, March 07, 2008

John Whoward?

Who is this guy and who does he think he is?

I seem to recall that he was only the second Prime Minister in Australian history to be so disliked by the voting population of this country that not only was his party decimated at the last Federal election, but he also lost his own seat. The people spoke, John, and you were no longer wanted.

So, going over to America and taking a shot at the party and the guy who totally whipped your arse is, well, irrelevant. Like you. You don't think that rolling back the intolerable Work Choices legislation is a good thing? Well, guess what - we voted you out BECAUSE of Work Choices. Of course you don't want it revoked. We don't care what you want. You don't think that pulling combat troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan is a good idea? Well, guess what - we voted you out BECAUSE you sent our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

John, why not realise that you were the biggest loser and you were voted out of the house. (Fuck I hate reality TV shows, but I think I can borrow these two phrases purely because of the relevance.) Go and get a life that doesn't involve making irrelevant statements about your irrelevant ideas or about the PM and Party that almost annihilated your Party at the last election.

The people have spoken - you are no longer the world's most irrelevant head of state. You are the world's most irrelevant ex-head of state.


The Outspoken Wookie

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