Friday, January 25, 2008

The Aussie Federal Election

Well, it finally looks like the rest of the people in this country agreed with, well, I suppose the rest of the people in this country that Little Johnny Whoward? - the world's most irrelevant political leader - needed a career change. Not only did we tell him that his Party wasn't wanted to run the country, we also told him (well, his electorate told him) that he wasn't wanted to even manage that electorate.

A rather unceremonius dumping of a leader and his party that together had stayed around a little too long past their Use By date and had made some insanely stupid political decisions. I wouldn't like to say good bye, nor farewell, nor see you later, more like take that - and see how you like being treated how you treated the majority of us!

Anyway, we've now ridden ourselves of the ineptitude and plain stupidity of the Mr Sheen Man Party and taken a bow before the LegoMan Party. Let's hope that LegoMan - able to leap tall building blocks in a single step, able to enter a strip club and live to recount the tale, able to eat his own earwax and - YUCK!!! - anyway, let's hope that the LegoMan Party can turn around some of the damage that the Mr Sheen Man Party has done to the country in the past 3-6 years and that the Party Previously Known As The Mr Sheen Man Party can recover from their recent decimation in time to be able to stop the LegoMan Party from making some insane and detrimental decisions which they are bound to start doing in a few elections' time.

The best thing about all this is that were I actually in Brisbane on Sat 24 Nov, 2007, I'd have been working with ABC TV at the BCEC where Mr LegoMan was crowned Lord and Master. However, as I was out of the country at the time (if you count New Zealand as being out of Australia), sitting in a spa in a 5-Star motel in Whitianga, watching the election on NZ television, drinking a beer with the beach out the motel window. I think I had as big a win here as Mr LegoMan - hhmmm, ok, maybe not quite as big a win. :)

Anyway, I had a drink to the change that we needed. I just wonder how long it will be before we need another one?


The Outspoken Wookie

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