Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Microsoft Hell Bent on Advertising; To Hell with Privacy


I just wish they'd focus on what they used once to be good at - writing desktop operating systems, server operating systems and applications that worked relatively well.

If Steve Ballache (which is sure how Bill must be feeling now he's handed the reins of Microsoft over to Mr Rudderless) doesn't take some maritime navigation courses soon, Microsoft may well steer itself onto a reef and rip the bottom right out of that luxury yacht.

Vista. Enough said. Office 2007. Well, they did a decent job there, except for the instability you had thrown in for free with Outlook 2007 - and Outlook is a business critical application for many businesses and nearly all of our clients.

But the ship is, right now, a rudderless, directionless piece of flotsam. I just hope that someone with a clue either hits Steve Ballmer over the head with a cluestick or kicks him off of the bridge and takes control of this ship, or else they may as well invest heavily in the advertising and privacy invasion markets that Steve wants to get them into as he's going to be taking them out of the software development market!


The Outspoken Wookie

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Anonymous said...

Flotsam, not "flotsom"