Monday, October 02, 2006

Simply in the pursuit of being equally unfair to everyone

I'm sure this was found purely to keep the card table balanced, but there's been a recent vulnerability found in Firefox that already has had the source code for the exploit published. I mean, what happened to responsible disclosure?

The good folks over at SecuriTeam have made mention of this in their blog. They also say, and I agree, that this will likely be patched by the Mozilla dev teams significantly faster than the recently discovered and also currently exploited holes in some Microsoft IE ActiveX controls that I mentioned yesterday.

[Update: This vulnerability was a hoax. So, as well as responsible disclosure discussions should we also be having "this is not funny" discussions? - HT 2006-10-04]

Anyway, no matter which web browser you use: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Linx, etc, you need to make sure that you keep an eye out for official security patches and apply them as soon as they are released (for critical issues) and also keep an eye out for active, unpatched exploits and have a look at the workarounds suggested. This helps to assist your browsing experience to be a pleasant experience. And life's all about enjoyment, isn't it? :)


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