Thursday, October 19, 2006

How could I possibly resist?

Well, I couldn't.

Apple, the company who constantly claimed that their old PowerPC line of processors were sooooo much faster than the Intel processors, who switched to Intel and immediately claimed that these new Intel processors were sooooo much faster than the old PowerPC processors, who keeps claiming that their computers are so fast that they are illegal in some countries, and who is slowly losing market share each day has decided to give Windows users a nice little surprise when they buy a new Video iPod.

What Apple has decided to do is to drop the quality control of their iPod building plants (outsourced, I might add) to the point where they have allowed the RavMon.E trojan (which Apple mistakenly calls a virus - you think that they should know better) to be shipped at no extra charge on a select number of video iPods.

Of course, in keeping with Apple's style, they have kept the real figures to themselves - they have never been a company to come out with believable statistics before, so how could we believe any figures they released on this issue anyway?

As of now, all currently shipping units have been checked and cleared of the virus - that is, they have decided to actually quality control their Video iPods. Oh, yay - isn't that big of them?

And, then, to top this all off, they "are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses" - what, the viruses (in this case, trojans) that Apple distributes, or viruses (trojans) in general? Did they not think that maybe because they have what, just around 3% of the market share that people simply couldn't be arsed writing viruses, trojans and other malware as the whole idea of writing them is to infect as many people as they can - and 3% is just not worth the effort!

Anyway, here's to Apple for distributing a trojan, not actually knowing the difference between a trojan and a virus, and for being upset at Microsoft for them (Apple) distributing this trojan. Keep up the good work!


The Outspoken Wookie

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